Estate Clean Outs Service

Executors, your time is precious. We offer Estate Clean Out Services.  We will empty a room, the garage, the whole house.  Freeing up your time and efforts to focus on more important issues. Also giving you piece of mind, that the home is ready listing and closing. 



* Many estate sale companies are not registered businesses. Many estate sale companies work out of their homes and garages or are friends of a friend's cousin’s mother’s second daughter’s brother in law twice removed. They do not hold brick and mortar locations. This makes you wonder, “who are you really dealing with?”

* Generally, the public is granted complete, un-escorted and unsupervised access to all levels, all rooms and all locations of the seller's home on sale days. Many estate sale companies are understaffed during sale days. This is crucial as dozens of people are allowed to walk through a home. Many family members do not like the idea of strangers meandering through a loved ones home for several days.

* Many estate sale companies walk away when the sale is done. Leaving the remaining items for you to deal with..... Trust us, there will be many unsold items after multiple estate sale days. We know. We get the calls from owners on Monday mornings pleading with us to finish what the estate sale company started. The Estate Sale people will say, "You can Just Donate it to Charity". Now that is more work for the Executor to track down an organization and wait for a truck, with no guarantee the charity will even come to the house or accept the items. Many charity organizations will not come into the home. You need to move all the items out to the porch.  Many charities no longer come and pick up items, leaving it up to you, the owner, to transport the items to them. It would be like moving the house twice. Remember, a donation receipt is worthless at tax time unless the owner itemizes on their tax return and you complete an itemize list the donation fully. We suggest checking with your tax adviser.